Piter Publishing House is one of the biggest Russian publishers, now in its 24th year in the market. Our specialization is non-fiction books on computer technologies, business, law, traditional and non-traditional medicine — Piter steadily stands high in ratings on these book themes.

Since its foundation in 1991, Piter has published over 8000 titles with the total print run of more than 90 million copies.

Our authors are leading Russian and foreign specialists: famous economists, lawyers, IT-professionals, psychologists, doctors. The publishing house also cooperates with first-rate European and American publishers, searching for interesting publications and purchasing translation rights.

Аs a result of participating in different competitions, Piter Publishing House has won numerous “Best Book” awards. High-quality books that we publish are in great demand by those who strive for higher career and personal achievements and want to become a broader-minded person. As a dynamically growing company, we are constantly looking for new ideas, new authors and new readership.

8000 titles with summary print run of 90 million copies
15 countries published translations of our titles – Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, China, Germany, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Albania
2-3 issue of new titles a day
350 employees work at Piter
11 offices-branches over the regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
75 awards
3500 customers book by mail
10500 a day visitors of web-site

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